Half Pint

Happy half-birthday to you Amalie!







Oh how we love you!

pumpkin patch








Will Power

So much like her mother and yet so much more!

When her temper flairs or her feet are planted in obstinate defiance – I see myself in my daughter.

When she would rather lay on the floor and stare at the ceiling than “give in” and pick up three coins – I see me.

When she spends several minutes trying against all odds to get into that big kid swing all by herself – I see so much more than me.

When she finally manages to get into that swing and then spends several minutes rehearsing her new-found talent – I am proud.

When she turns down my offer for a “starter push,” saying “I got it” – I am humbled.

When she watches the seven year old next to her and mimics her running to a start on the swing – I am still.

When her amazing will runs head-on into mine – I’m frustrated
(And, sometimes, a bit amused. Seriously, it’s just three coins you dumped on the floor, pick them up already and let’s move on!)

When she exercises her physical prowess on the playground – I’m reminded why God gave her such a strong will.

May I handle this dear daughter delicately, remembering that my task is not to break her will but direct her power to all those great things for which she was made.

You go, Eva!








Smile and nod as we walk by an old, tired-looking Indian resting at the bus stop. I’ve seen him around town before – his familiar worn out face.

Me: Hi

Him: Hello (pause) Do you have 35 cents to spare? I’m trying to catch the bus.

Me: I think I do… (look in wallet praying Eva hasn’t dumped all my change again) … yes, I do. Is that all you need, 35 cents?

Him: Yes, I just want to catch the bus. I’m tired of walking.

Me: I imagine you are. (Hand him the change, smile and start to continue toward our car).

Him: It’s a great spirit you have.

Me: Oh… thank you.

Smile again and walk away thinking, yes, He is a Great Spirit that I have.

Happy Birthday

Second Birthday


First Birthday


Birth Day!


I love you!